It is well known that there are references in the Gospels, that are an allusion to the Old Testament. So is Matthew 5, the Sermon of the Mountain of Jesus, a reference to the history of Moses who receives the ten commandments of YHWH at Mount Sinai and passes them on to the people of Israel. The history of Elizabeth and Zacharias in the gospel of Luke would be an allusion to Old Testament story of Hanna and Elkanah in 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11. Also the beginning of the gospel of John makes an allusion to the Old Testament. When you read the first verses, the first words of Genesis, the creation story, come to mind. Tom Wright is even of the opinion that the history of Jesus in the gospels tells the history of Israel in brief. The point Tom Wright makes, is that Jesus is the culmination of the covenant that YHWH had made with Israel, including all its promises for Israel.


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