In my first article have I tried to show that the Gospel of John is built up from the story of creation of Genesis 1. The writer of the Gospel of John sees Jesus as the Re-creator and at the same time the last Adam, who re-creates the world (mainly human) within (at first) the six days of creation, and then to enter the Sabbath (seventh day) through His death and to rise again as a new creation on the first new day (the eight day).

We can’t deny that there is a lot of temple symbolism in the gospel of John.In addition to that there are many occurrences and conversations of Jesus that take place in and around the temple. Therefore there’s no doubt that the temple takes a central theme within the gospel of John.

However, the question is, if it also is the major theme within the gospel of John. In my second article, I will try to show that, in my opinion, the temple symbolism with in the gospel is subordinated to the major theme ‘the (re)creation of the cosmos/humankind.

Click on The Gospel of John and the re(creation) of the cosmos – article 2 to read the whole article.

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